NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced UPSERTLIST error upon deploy (Workaround)

I’ve been working on building SuiteCommerce Advanced sites recently, and I have run into the following error when deploying on two sites now:

I have only seen this (so far) on the Vinson release of SCA, but I’m also fairly new to the environment, so this could be a problem on Mont Blanc or Denali as well. Changing things that I would think could help (e.g. deploying only images) doesn’t seem to make a difference. However, this seems to happen more often with a new deployment, which would make sense, as many things are changing at once in that case.

Following is the workaround that has consistently fixed the issue for me:

  1. Immediately after the aforementioned error is returned, navigate to the root directory of the project and zip up the DeployDistribution folder.
  2. Once this is complete, open the archive to make sure that the root of the zip file contains all of the different folders and files that you expect to be deployed. That is, there shouldn’t be a DeployDistribution subfolder inside of the zip file:

    Bad zip file  Good zip file

  3. In NetSuite, open the file cabinet, and navigate to the root of the SSP Application you are attempting to deploy.
  4. Click the Advanced Add button at the top of the window, choose the zip file you created in step 1, check UNZIP FILES and OVERWRITE FILES WITH SAME NAME, ensure your DESTINATION FOLDER is correct, and click the Add button.
  5. This should add all new files to be deployed and overwrite existing ones. This, however, will not delete any files from the deployed environment.
  6. Now, if you load your site, you should see your changes.
  7. If you run another gulp deploy, you should be able to successfully publish.

I hope this helps you get back on track, and I will keep investigating the root cause of this issue. Let me know in the comments if this helped, didn’t help, or if you know how to address the actual issue. Thanks!

Backing up my DVD / Blu-ray collection with MakeMKV

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Create Your First Windows 10 Universal Apps With Ionic Framework (Walkthrough)

With Ionic 1.2 right around the corner, I decided to take a stab at creating a Universal Windows App using the new version of the framework. Following is my experience configuring what is roughly a clean Windows 10 Pro machine (with VS2015 Update 1 installed.)
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Source control at home – more than just a backup

TortoiseHg Logo

We all (hopefully) use some sort of source control at work. If you don’t, talk to someone about it (consider the potential cost of having to recode a day, week, or month’s worth of work) or find a new job. Seriously. There are few feelings worse than having to rewrite something because the original source was lost or overwritten.

But that’s not really what I want to talk about here. Source control at home serves multiple purposes, and free options exist so one can set up a system without breaking the bank. Continue reading

Multiple inheritance in C# (how to fake it)

Diamond Inheritance

C# doesn’t allow for multiple inheritance, as Microsoft made a design decision when creating the .NET framework not to do so. Presumably, this is to avoid situations such as the diamond problem from occurring in the languages, among others.

However, what if we want to share methods or properties across classes that already have differing base classes?
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Being responsible for content is, well, a responsibility

As a developer, I rarely have the opportunity to create things that end-users realize exist. Now, that isn’t to say that what I create isn’t potentially useful; hopefully it is just that. Otherwise, what is the point in my doing it?

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My most important software development language is English – Communication skills carry more weight than coding skills

As is the case with most software developers that reach the professional level, my first coding language was the most difficult to learn. I struggled with algorithms, syntax, references, namespaces, classes, and so forth and so on. Once I grasped these concepts, however, the second language was about five times easier to pick up. And the next one was half as difficult as that, etc. Now, learning a new language is as straightforward as seeking out the idiosyncratic differences between it and all of the ones I already have under my belt.
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Coding at 30,000 feet

While flying home from Sacramento to Detroit today, I decided to utilize my time effectively by signing into the in-flight wifi, remoting into my work machine, and knocking down a few of the defects on the list for a project on which I’m working.

At first, I connected my VPN to the office and attempted to remote into my office machine directly. However, something in the combination of the wifi connection, the wireless from the plane to wherever (satellite, probably?), and my VPN made my RDP session unbearably slow. Or maybe I didn’t give it a chance.
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