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Multiple inheritance in C# (how to fake it)

Diamond Inheritance

C# doesn’t allow for multiple inheritance, as Microsoft made a design decision when creating the .NET framework not to do so. Presumably, this is to avoid situations such as the diamond problem from occurring in the languages, among others.

However, what if we want to share methods or properties across classes that already have differing base classes?
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Being responsible for content is, well, a responsibility

As a developer, I rarely have the opportunity to create things that end-users realize exist. Now, that isn’t to say that what I create isn’t potentially useful; hopefully it is just that. Otherwise, what is the point in my doing it?

But when I work on something like, faceted (or guided) search, for example, I write the backend code that retrieves data from the database or the search engine. I together the markup that makes things appear on the page. Continue reading

My most important software development language is English – Communication skills carry more weight than coding skills

As is the case with most software developers that reach the professional level, my first coding language was the most difficult to learn. I struggled with algorithms, syntax, references, namespaces, classes, and so forth and so on. Once I grasped these concepts, however, the second language was about five times easier to pick up. And the next one was half as difficult as that, etc. Now, learning a new language is as straightforward as seeking out the idiosyncratic differences between it and all of the ones I already have under my belt.
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Coding at 30,000 feet

While flying home from Sacramento to Detroit today, I decided to utilize my time effectively by signing into the in-flight wifi, remoting into my work machine, and knocking down a few of the defects on the list for a project on which I’m working.

At first, I connected my VPN to the office and attempted to remote into my office machine directly. However, something in the combination of the wifi connection, the wireless from the plane to wherever (satellite, probably?), and my VPN made my RDP session unbearably slow. Or maybe I didn’t give it a chance.
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